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Need the perfect gift for your theater-loving BFF / bae / colleague / self? We've scoured the interwebs to find that perfect something, whether you're looking for backstage staples or zany thingamabobs (we've got twenty!)  



We're here to help you live your '90s truth, because adulting is hard, but being a drama club kid is ~forever~. Explore our Signature Collection and make a difference: proceeds go to Fractured Atlas -  a nonprofit tech company that works with artists and arts groups, giving them tools to help them manage the business side of their practice. 


We're TodayTix, and we want you to discover the best that your city has to offer. That means theater, dance, opera, comedy, jazz, and more. We pledge to deliver the best seats at the best prices. Period. We're also total theater nerds who had a blast curating and creating these items.